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Exploring space filling curves.

What is a curve. A curve is a path inscribed into a dimensional space. We are all familiar with curves in euclidian space such as 2 dimensional space where polynomial functions describe a path through that 2-d space. We see below some well know polynomial functions graphed in a small range. in these examples, the […]

Adding calculated distance to network maps calculated from GPS coordinates.

Continuing the theme (part1, part2) of using GPS data to augment network graph data, this post will consider using the data for inclusion in the network graph but will also introduce taking the network graph and rendering this onto a geographical mapping visualization. NetworkX graph package In these discussions I have been using the Python […]

Calculating the distance between 2 GPS Cordinates – Follow on

In a previous post, I discussed calculating distances based on GPS coordinates, subsequently I came across a good python library that offers this functionality as well as a lot more. I decided that anybody that is interested in the distance calculation via GPS coordinates will probably appreciate everything else that the GeoPy library has to […]

Calculating the distance between 2 GPS points

With the proliferation of GPS tagging in data sets, a useful calculation to that allows to derive the distance between two points is possible using the Haversine formula. The law of havershines is a more general formula within spherical trigonometry which relates to sides and angles or spherical triangles. On the surface of a sphere […]