Category: Review

Autonomous Driving, How the driverless revolution will change the world

Autonomous Driving, how the driver less revolution will change the world by Hermann, Brenner and Stadler provides comprehensive coverage of the revolution in mobility that is leading towards to goal of achieving autonomy in driving. Its worth noting that Autonomy is focused on the autonomy of the computer system and associated cloud entities and that […]

Openmined – opportunity and distruption of privacy infrastructure.

I recently became aware of openmined and its open-source community work to make privacy-preservation available through the world by lowering the barrier to entry to a number of technologies that support and solve the privacy/transparency tradeoff. To learn more about openmined goals, messages and approach I have undertaken their “Our Privacy Opportunity” course which is […]

Cyberwarfare: An Introduction to Information-Age Conflict

Cyberwarfare: An Introduction to Information-Age Conflict by Isaac Porche is published by Artech House 2020 Introduction The book consisting of 13 chapters provides an introductory overview of cyberwarfare as an existing (and new) discipline. Chapter 1 introduces ‘Information and Conflict’ providing key definitions and concepts around: Information Networks and Technology Internet/Web and the information age […]

Visual Strategies for Biological Data – A review

I recently came across a compilation of columns that were originally published in Nature Methods. The compilation was subsequently published in 2015 as a document that covers data visualization and presentation of scientific data. It is a brief collection (40 pages) that provides a good set of suggestions when presenting and visualizing complex data sets. […]